Sunday, October 28, 2007

New tunez-Who sang it Best

Beyonce did this track "IF" for her B'Day - Deluxe Edition album,this song almost ddint make the cut on the album,but it did due to the Des'ree law suit
Click To Listen-Beyonce-If
Mario's also did his version of the track. It's sung to the beat of Trey Songz' 'can't help but wait'. this song isn't on his album 'go'.i know the is no guess on who's version is better but they are both,really good


  1. nice,i love both versions,i dont get why its on a trey song beat,it dosent go

  2. Really nice,i love beyonces version,its the best verson

  3. yo, mario mad stole trey's beat. not cool, dawg


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