Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jackson 5 To Reunite

The Jackson Five are plannning a reunion as early as next year. According to Jermaine Jackson, The Jackson 5 will be back on the road in 2008. He told BBC radio that the concert dates had been disussed and that the most high-profile Jackson of them all would be on tour with the group."Michael will be involved" he said. "We feel we have to do it one more time. We owe that to the fans and to the public."

All i can say is wow. But i dont picture micheal dancing and singing like he used to,but who knows


  1. That picture of MJ has me screaming! I'm laughing, but let me come across a ticket & I'm as good as there!

    ***Love your new look!***

  2. thats a serious picture


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