Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Magazine covers

Alicia keys covers the December/January Issue of Giant magazine,she talks
"Her relationship with the Krucial Brothers character
She also discusses random couple publicity"

Kanye west and Daft Punk cover the January 2008 Issue of Spin Magazine,kanye west ,who used daft punks "Harder Better Faster Stronger" sample to formulate his hit single "stronger" are both named entertainers of the year by spin.

Snoop covers and is featured in L’UOMO Vogue December 2007 issue. Snoop got his sophisticated on in this one, every shot looked great,the whole thing is very high fashion,check out some more shots under the post

Ashlee Simpson what more can I say, sometimes these celebs take the airbrushing way too far


  1. 1. I like Snoop's cover, but I'm not feeling the inside picture.

    2. Alicia Keys looks cute.

    3. I like Kanye & Daft Punk's cover.

    4. I think ever since Ashlee Simpson got her nosed fixed & dyed her hair back to blonde, she's become too plastic looking & fake. I liked her better with the black hair & her original noise.


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