Thursday, December 27, 2007

Omarion Speaks Out

So chris stokes was accused of child molestation and child rape by former b2k memeber Demario “Raz B” Thorton and brother, Ricardo Thorton.
Omarion released a statement saying::

“I want to be on the record as saying that “Raz B” Thorton and Ricardo Thorton are lying regarding Chris Stokes. Chris is a father figure to myself, and many others in the industry. He’s guided us, helped raised us and is nothing more than an inspiration and someone I respect to and look up to. I have spent countless hours, days, weeks and months with the man since the age of 5 and have never once seen him behave inappropriately. He’s married to my aunt and I know this man very well. I stand behind him with no question whatsoever,”

In a recent video added on Youtube, Raz B apologises and claims the rumours were false...WTF

There’s something about all this which doesn’t add up,if its all FALSE,why would chris stokes say "he doesn't do that anymore",things dont add up and if any of this is true,it will surley come out.

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