Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Amy Winehouse Caught On Camera

Amy Winehouse caught on camera doing what she does best.
Ive offfically given up, Amy Winehouse is beyond help....just WATCH The Video


  1. at least she's in rehab and she can get clean and back to the amy we all know and love.....thats what im hoping anyway

  2. I saw this earlier this morning, this poor girl needs help. The Sun has reported that she has finally checked herself into rehab. She had the nerve to say a few weeks ago that she's not on drugs, she just likes alcohol. We all know a crack-head when we see one. We called Whitney Houston out years ago, and she denied it until her teeth fell out.

  3. i just read somewhere that's she's not in rehab. let the countdown to OD begin. so sad, such tragic waste of talent.


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