Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beyonce and Tina To Duet

News just came in that, Beyonce will join forces with Tina turner on stage this year at the Grammys, Tina turner’s last proper performance was back in 2000

The Writers Guild has yet to grant the Grammys a formal waiver, although Recording Academy President Neil Portnow is on record as saying the ceremony would proceed as planned.

This is gonna be amazing, the Grammys is looking up, two crazy women on stage. Can we handle it?


  1. I can't wait. And do the Grammy's really need writers. Just have the red carpet of course, then through the night, have folks perform back-to-back, along with a ticker going with the noms, then winners.

    I do support the striker though. Wish it was over sooner.

  2. Beyonce with Tina Turner... Gosh everything can happens.
    I'm dieing to see Tina...

  3. beyonce and tina......that stage is goin to be on fire...BRING IT LADIES!!!


  4. oh... thats gonna be intresting! cant wait to see it

  5. it is just now that i am starting to see the similarities in the way they perform...should be rather interesting...hope you post that performance too...

  6. It has to be off the hook! I know babes won't disappoint.

  7. LMAO @ 2 crazy women onstage. Can't wait. I love Bey!!!


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