Sunday, January 13, 2008

Britney Wears Her Wedding Dress Out

Britney Spears was feeling a bit like a bride so stuck on her wedding dress lol, I love this girl, she gives me jokes.

Britney and her boyfriend were seen in Keyes Mercedes dealership in Van Nuys where Britney reportedly got in a brand new Mercedes truck.

She wore 1 of the dresses she got married in, to Kevin Ferderline in 2004, who said you have to wear your wedding dress just once.


  1. i feel so bad for Britney, shes like a train wreck waiting to happen!!!

    Only if she were Nigerian, they would wash out dat evil spirit in her body.

  2. lmao Britney is a trip. Some1 pls get help 4 her.

  3. i wouldn't wanna wear anything again that links with kfed

  4. This right here is a mess! P.S. Kisses my darling F&F!

  5. If this was any1 else, I would think this was an act of liberation. But since it's Brit, she either took too much or not enough meds...

  6. Britney needs some help...i hope we dont wake up one day and hear she is dead and the same paparazzi that have taunted and trailed her will report it...



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