Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flavor of Love 3 Promo Picture

Thats right, flavor of love 3 is back, here is the promo pic, in case anyone doesn't know what the show is about, a bunch of girls (pretty and young) competing to win flavor flav. Sort of like a dating show.

I don’t know why any girl (no matter how desperate) would WILLINGLY want to kiss, hug or do anything with this guy…

The third and i pray final season of flavor of love starts February 11th


  1. Oh my dais...eniff of these "reality shows" already....
    especially flavour flav!!!

  2. Heavens above...I truly dont understand how on earth this...person would be the object of anything really....

  3. that pic is hilarous. I watched the 1st series but haven't watched it since its so stupid and the girls on there are so desperate.


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