Friday, January 18, 2008

NEW MUSIC::Danity Kane and Cassie

Here are two new tracks from Danity Kane, “Damaged” and “Pretty Boy". It was posted on the group’s Atlantic Records website.Danity Kane wants the fans to pick which one of the tracks, for their first single. How exciting. VOTE HERE.

Danity Kane- Damaged
Danity Kane- Pretty Boy

And you can check out some new material from Cassie, this is meant to feature on her new album which is scheduled for release this spring.

Cassie- Unnamed snippet

I love Danity Kane, I still have their old album and still bump to it, I think others may disagree, but I prefer pretty boy, obviously that’s if I had to pick one, I know I can be bumping to that, I love the whole concept of the track. But like I said, if I had to pick. Damaged is really nice as well, but I can just imagine the video for "pretty boy". As for Cassie, ive never been keen on her music.


  1. Can't wait for the new DK album!

  2. I forget her name but the one with the black dress... I love her hair!

  3. danity kane is awesome
    i have to download this!

  4. I love love love DK!!!!!My friends think am a groupie for any making the band group.

    Cant wait for the album now and the show as well....


  5. Nice thing to want the fans to pick up a song.
    They are awesome.


  6. o boi,didn't even know they were still together again!then again,thanks for updating me.i think i'm really getting into naija music now,they're trying.



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