Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEW VIDEO:::Leona Lewis-Bleeding love (US version)

Is America ready for Leona lewis? They call her the next Mariah, they say shes better than Beyonce,some call her Whitney.

The beautiful Leona lewis has taking the UK by storm with her album and her single "bleeding love", which spent 7 weeks at number 1. i've listened to all the tracks on her album and its really worth the money

Leona is currently back in the studio, recording two new songs specially for the US release — Forgive Me by singer/producer Akon and Misses Glass from producer/writers Madd Scientist and Rock City. Spirit is out in the US April 8th.

Im in no doubt she will wow the US just like she did the UK. Th e girl is a star. check out the Uk verison


  1. Im not a huge Leona fan but im sure she will be huge in the US

  2. Leona..Not bad...I hear Jamelia called her a poor man's mariah....

  3. you copied and paste that whole! thing from my site! bitch!


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