Monday, January 28, 2008

Out And About With Ms Kelly

Kelly Rowland was spotted strutting her stuff in this sexy get up at London’s G-A-Y on Saturday. She looks stunning and her latest single is doing amazingly well on the UK charts, after it moved up 24, from #31 to #7 this week. Work is out today and after college I’m gonna grab my copy.


  1. omg it that kellllllllly, she looks hottttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dayum,kelly is the best and i cant belive work is number 7, that amazing,.. i think i might get a copy aswell,love the blog btw...

  2. what the hell was she wearing......geez..woman wake up mehn....

  3. @girlie and anonymous gal::i think she looks hot

    peacock is in lol, shes at a gay club, im sure they loved it

  4. I Like work but i prefer the freemasons remix. Kelly looks hawt in these pics

  5. Kelly looks hella delicious in this getup.

    Marcus LANGFORD


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