Wednesday, February 20, 2008

F&F:: At The Brit Awards 2008

The Brit Awards 2008 is going on right now (20-Feb-2008), just watched Rihanna perform Umbrella amongst others, videos coming up soon. Check out some of the arrivals.

Michelle Ryan(Bionic Woman) & Natasha Bedingfeild, simple and safe

Kyle Looked sweet

Ms Leona Lewis Looked, Nice and Cute

Rihanna looked Really Nice, I like it, Suits Her

Best Look Of The Night, Kelly Looked Fab


  1. natasha looks like she literally just rolled out of bed, jumped on a motorcycle smoking a cig and ran over a cat to get there on time...kelly looked gorgeous. i just wish she was more relevant (to music right now). poor baby!

  2. I like Kelly and Riri's looks. Wish Kelly hadn't worn those shoes though. I like a white shoe at times, just not with this outfit.

    pcd- ditto on the Natasha comment.

  3. am going to be a hater here, only Kelly was hot, the others...nah, RiRi could've done sth about the lower part of her dress
    Leona's lacy bits on the top of her dress are a no, no, no.
    and all teh others looked pale...esp Kylie...

  4. once again, i love the way rihanna looks... that girl just knows how to work it in an unconventional way, which i love!


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