Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grammy 2008 Red Carpet

Carrie Underwood looked nice,very simple

Loving Fergie, but it looks a bit plain and she looks very sophisticated

Alicia Keys, hmm, not sure yet

Beyonce::At first i didn't like it, but its starting to look okay

Love Rihanna, very nice, she couldn't go anywhere but up, after that hideous sack she wore to the pre-Grammy party


  1. wot in the bloddy hell is beyonce wearing....geez...

    rihanna ..banging

    alicia still tryin to think of a comment

    fantasia comment

    fantasias hair....Lord hAVE MERCY...


    nice one F&F

  2. did u see natasha bedingfield..i thot her outfit was off da chain men!i loved it!!!!Kanye west is officialy the cockiest guy in d world!!i hate him now

  3. Fantasia looks like crap
    Rihanna should trash that outfit, what the hell was she thinking? she looks like a man there.
    alicia keys go get ur hair properly done maaaan!

  4. i love carries attire. beyonce i reserve my comments.

  5. My Grammy breakdown:

    1. Carrie Underwood: All of those flowers are irritating my allergies.

    2. Fergie: I like the dress, but that middle pooch....

    3. Alicia Keys: Love the dress, not the hair.

    4. Beyonce: Pure drama.

    5. Rihanna: Fresh & Fab, almaost anything is better than the "paint by numbers" dress she had on earlier.

    6. Fantasia: Someone should've stopped her at the door & told her "No skunks allowed." I love her voice, but that hair....

  6. my fave dress was definitely rihanna's.. i mean, beyonce's was really good and all, but rihanna's more fits my style... spunky and stylish.. love!

  7. am I the only one that doesn't like Rihana's haircut?
    Beyonce is beginning to think she's barbie

  8. lol @ bumight's 'beyonce is beginning to think she's barbie'...hilarious!...

    ...for some reason, rihanna's hair is not working for me...alicia's hair too...fergie-blecg all day...i disagree about the sophistication...she just screams trash to me...that's harsh huh?...oh well...


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