Friday, February 29, 2008

Kelly Rowland For Playboy//Album News

Its going around that, Kelly Rowland is secretly planning to conduct a nude spread for Playboy Magazine.
The magazine is also rumored to break Kelly a large sum of money for this feature and prepare to get things ready for this Summer.
Kelly has not said a word on it. The reason could possibly be because she would like to keep it as a nice surprise for her fans and management.

Kelly Rowland is releasing a new album. Its going to be a digital release, called Diva Deluxe out March 25th. There will be 5 new tracks and two mixes from "Ms kelly". She has been doing a lot of radio promotions and stuff for the record, I just want to wait and see what happens.


  1. that ought to be nice

  2. hmm.... I dont know how I feel about the playboy thing yet... but whatever makes her happy I guess...


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