Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mario Joins Dancing With The Stars

Singer Mario is set to be a contestant on Dancing With The Stars. He said
"This is definitely something new for me. It's exciting. Every time I watch the show, I'm amazed how honest and real everyone is."

Other contestants include Priscilla Presley, Kristi Yamaguchi Adam Carolla Marlee Matlin, Shannon Elizabeth, Steve Guttenberg; tennis champion Monica Seles, Penn Jillette, and Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor

For me i think, people that do these shows are Faded Celebs trying to recover their lost careers.Thats what i think anyway and thats why i was shocked at Mario joining.


  1. I was gonna say... but then you did.... I thought only washed up celebs do shows like these..... hmmm

  2. Why is this trash even coming back on TV!? This is exactly why I do not watch TV...I'd much rather blog or continue working on t-shirts for Marcus LANGFORD Designs [shameless plug] :-]

    Marcus LANGFORD

  3. @ marcus it isnt trash!!!i wonder why mario is on it tho!!i mean he isnt really really a forgotten artiste now

  4. I have to agree FandF, you took the words right out of my mouth. I like Mario though, ever since that MTV special with his mom.


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