Monday, February 04, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Cassie- Is It You

Check out the new video from Cassie "Is It You", from the Step Up 2: The Streets soundtrack. I've been hearing this track for a while now and i never even guessed it was Cassie, im not really a Cassie fan, but i like it.

Step Up 2:The Streets is out in the US Febuary 14th. Its gonna be hot!


  1. Americans r beginnin to make me angry with der part 2 of every movie, I thot that was a nigerian thing.
    Pls wuts cassie doin in step up 2? She doesn't even act well 4 her music video.
    I hav dis feelin d movie would dissapoint many including ma darling F&F.

  2. I don't know why she's just standing there like that, is she acting vulnerable? She needs to be more animated, she still can't sing, but I like the track, somewhat

  3. I'm surprised Diddy let her put anything out. You see how he treats his artists. The song is cute though. Cassie should just do modeling. Singers like this make me feel like I should just make up a silly song about hair glue or glitter and make a million dollars.
    "my weave glue is poppin, my weave glue is cool"

  4. i like cassie but im not loving this song. Maybe a few more listens and i'll like it


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