Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Out and About with Christina

Check out Singer Christina Aguilera siging copies of her“Back To Basics: Live And Down Under” DVD set for fans at Best Buy West Hollywood, She also places her vote for the presidential candidate. This is her first public apperance since the birth of her first child Max, less than four weeks ago. I can see the pregancy has taken a toll on her chestal areas, her husband must be enjoying.


  1. these pix..... did christy get a boob pump or wat?

    u blog is very flashy gal, i had to check out ur older posts both the comments wont appear....i wonder why

    i had fun while i was here dear

  2. whooa look at her boobs,love em

  3. wurrahell happened to her boobs? dang!

  4. Her boobs are about two hairs away from poppin' outta the top [shakin' head], but I ain't mad at her.

    Marcus LANGFORD
    I Consult With KEEN!

  5. If Christina didn't have a baby, I would think she had a boob job.


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