Friday, February 01, 2008

Out with Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks joined her audience members for a recent taping of her show "The Tyra Banks show" for a bra burning ritual and Essence threw her a party last night to celebrate her February cover (I posted that a while back, Check it out)

Yaya, Bre and even Jasleene look stunning. Cheris Dennis, trashy hot mess as usual, Tyra looks great.


  1. i am so in love wit yaya's hair!!

    craziness..d woman below that abandoned her kids!!MADNESS...i am sure d 9ja guy was even a yahoo yahoo guy!

  2. I see Keenya finally got that swollen jaw fixed up.

    Marcus LANGFORD

  3. Yaya always looks madd pretty! and I lovee Jaslene 2!

  4. Bre and Yaya is giving the business.


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