Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Danity Kane Out Promoting!


As we all know, Danity Kanes album "Welcome to the Dollhouse" hit stores yesterday, so the girls have been doing some promotion, They first hit up CW11 Morning new show before strutting their stuff on TRL.

I got a copy of their album and I must say, I was impressed, so guys go and get the album it’s worth the money.

The girls are also on the cover of “Right On” magazine, you can check that out below


  1. These girls aren't all that hot to me, but those white platform peep-toe slingback pumps are FIERCE!!!!

  2. i LOVE DK.......even if they wore BIN BAGS.....WOOHOO..

    f&f i ve missed u hun

  3. THese girls do it for me...i agree with girlie, they would rock bin bags and look FIERCE according to qomc...

    im gonna look into getting their album..these white dresses are stellar

  4. this a group of beautiful young women, minus aubrey. well aubrey is pretty too, but her attitude is whack and that makes her just so undesirable. anyway, i am sure they will have great success on this sophomore album.

    Marcus LANGFORD

  5. Hopefully, the album does well! I'm really liking the new look and the first single-

  6. Ill def get der album, they look fine to me.

  7. @desperate lady and girlie::Im so happy, you guys remembered me today.


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