Friday, March 14, 2008

Eddie Murphy is a Mess

Eddie Murphy is a shamless excuse for a father.

""Although Eddie accepts that Angel is his daughter, he has said that he won't see the little girl, because he doesn't want to set eyes on Mel.

A source said: "He says he will have to wait until Angel is older before he can get to know her without any interference from her mother."

Secrets behind the couple's doomed three-month fling have been revealed in legal papers in which Eddie, 46, states that Mel allegedly asked him for a $9 million (£4.5million) house, plus living expenses for 18 years in exchange for her silence while she was pregnant.

But Eddie baulked at the demands and it is claimed he has since refused to see the baby and the Spice Girl.""
Who cares what she did or the differences you both have, the result is a child.
It doesn’t matter what differences he has with MelB, he needs to stop with the bull and go and see his daughter.
"He says he will have to wait until Angel is older before he can get to know her......but will she want to get to know you?. I mean the way people reason. If he wants to see his daughter, they can come up with some type of arrangement and he wouldnt have to see Mel. But the idiot can’t be bothered. And he has the cheek to say this crap. He would have been better off just shutting up.
I’ve lost the little respect I had for him.

Have a great weekend People.


  1. He is very foolish...that's the nigerian in me talking...I hope she hits him with some major law suit...

    oh my but Mel looks fab here...

  2. dont u ever have anything on Nelly my heart throb???

  3. Hiss...
    Dude makes me wanna hate him now. He had better act up and play his role as a father - diligently.

  4. rich folk can be deadbeat dads too
    a mess

  5. he is a disgrace...a shame to his generation. *hiss

  6. wow..Eddie Murphy,**i have no words, you have failed me**

  7. That is crazy. He is making no effort to see his own child. Unbelievable!

  8. Eddie Murphy should be ashamed of himself! He needs to man up and take care of his responsibilities. He should be glad that he's not married to Scary Spice because just like that comedy routine he did in "Raw", she just might take half his shyt!

  9. oh, but i love Eddie, though i can't understand what is happening to his life of late. All these wrong women he's shacking up with!!!! who just want a piece of his money!!!!! eh ya.

    on d other hand, i don't like Mel B. i don't like any of d spice girls, particularly Posh who can't sing, thin as broom-stick & is married to my Prince Charming (oh, dat last one hurts like hell ... [sobbing]. Life is so unfair. David asked me marry him first!!!!!!)

    Anyways, speaking seriously. Eddie, my love, ddnt do right o. Is it middle-age crisis dat is worrying him??????

  10. Hopefully Mel will raise their daughter to be strong and always hold her head up from this. Ed is just plain dumb but he better pay that support. Snap!


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