Sunday, March 30, 2008

F+F:: At Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2008

The nickelodeon kids choice awatds kicked off last night, So what happened, who looked good, who looked a mess. Check out the orange carpet arrivals.


  1. Ahem...My comments

    Lil-Mama - Pls return Rihanna's dress. :)

    Nelly - I like you, pls let go of the silver tooth cover.

    Rihanna - You're not a high-school rocker, you're a model now. Dress like one!

    Jordin and CB - get together already... :)

    America Ferrera - I love you, and I'm a huge fan - We big girls gatz to stick up 4 each other when we've got armpit sweat.

    Cameron Diaz - Hmmmm, is it coz of the Shrek movies that you're here? Show off the figure a little.

    Ashlee Simpson - Now you're talking. You look fabulous, put-together and grown up.

    Sorry its so long... I just had to speak my mind.


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