Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Janet Jackson//No 1 Spot//New Video::Rock With You

Janet Jackson New Album "Discipline" will debut at #1 on next week’s Billboard charts with 181,000 copies sold. Although its the lowest first week sales of her career,I think she should still be happy, the music industry has changed and so has her music.

Also you can check out her brand new video "Rock With You" premiered last night. The Video is nice, Not too Sure About he song though


  1. still not sure about the song as well. Feedback the first time i heard that i love it. This im not 2 sure about

  2. thats great, since feedback is her first top 20 since 2001, and a #1 place with discipline is like a tasty of the Janet's nu hits era o//

  3. I like this song a lot as well as the video concept.

    I'm waiting on her to drop "Luv" and "2Nite" next.

  4. Okay, I wish that "Luv" had been chosen as the next single, I think it has much more crossover appeal.

    This is good as a club (house/electronic/techno?) track, though.


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