Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mariah Carey-Im That Chick Live

Mariah Carey performed a new track from her new album "E=MC2", Titled "Im That Chick" on ‘The Hills: Live And Glamorous In Gotham’. I like the vibe of the song, but i was expecting some high notes and stuff at the end, because thats the thing that thrills me, with Mariahs music, but i didnt get it, nevertheless its a nice track.

For those really really feeling the track, here the Audio


  1. Im not that excited about her new album. I think "Touch My Body" sucks ass big time. Shame because her last album was amazing and the singles of the album were ace

  2. hmm,it looks like theres going to a big problem, all the tracks ive heard fromthe album are very very midioca.

    a mess,ild say

  3. I don't love mariah carey. i want to throw rocks at her. She might still be able to sing but just looking at her makes me angry. she's way to "Stupid girl"

  4. I love "I'm That Chick!" The song is so smooth. Mariah Carey is my favorite disaster!

  5. i miss the old mariah
    not feelin her newer stuff
    she just aint got the chhops she used to


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