Saturday, March 08, 2008

New Kelly Rowland Album Cover & Track Listings


I spotted this at Rap.up, The new Cover for kelly rowlands Latest project, "Ms Kelly::Diva Deluxe"
Which is going to be a digital release, Check the track Listings Below, The whole thing looks a mess, alot of mixes.
But this cant be what shes accually putting out.

Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe Tracklisting

1. Daylight (featuring Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes) – 3:30
2. Broken – 3:24
3. Comeback (Karmatronics Remix) – 6:20
4. Like This (Redline Remix) – 2:48
5. Love Again – 3:50
6. Unity – 3:51
7. No Man No Cry – 3:28

“Daylight” (Remix EP)

1. Hex Hector Remix
2. Maurice Joshua NuSoul Remix
3. Karmatronics Remix
4. Lost Daze Remix
5. Dan McKie Remix

“Work” (Remix EP)

1. Freemasons Club Mix
2. Freemasons Dub Mix
3. Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Radio Edit
4. Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Extended Remix


  1. fo sho it looks a mess!

  2. whats with all the remixes kelly??

  3. back off the girl. whatever she puts out does not matter. will it be promoted is the question?the first album was great, it just got no promotion.kelly has to wake up and self market. Oh.. since their is a buzz about plaboy requesting kelly, i guess we'll be seeing beyonce naked somewhere. i'm certain matthew will make shure she gets there first ,lol. it's sad because i love beyonce as well,they are both talented i just dont think they get the same promotion.i mean come on,this is still his daughter, sfter all he did adopt her.


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