Thursday, March 20, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Teyana Taylor-Google Me

Before i got a chance to post this video, it was deleted, but here it is
Pharrell Williams protegee Teyana Taylor, with her debut single "Google Me" from her album 'From A Planet Called Harlem' (due May 20th).

I only recently heard of her, shes something fresh and different, i like this song and the video is cool, just one thing, she should have used freshandfab instead,lol.


  1. meh
    not really feelin it
    maybe itll grow on me
    probably not

  2. i agree with Dejanae, not really my cup of tea, i was expecting way more dncing..she needed something to make up for the voice

  3. When I first heard the song, it annoyed me. Now I really like it, but that video... It was like watching Saturday Morning Cartoons! I was expecting something edgier. I did like the black tulle skirt/black gloves/tank top outfit & I love her hair.


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