Thursday, April 24, 2008

Beyonce is not Happy with Kelly and Michelle


{{I love this picture}}

With a new husband and a new career, you'd think that R&B singer Beyonce would be on top of the world. But word is that Beyonce is not at all pleased at how her wedding tuned out.

Word coming out of Beyonce's camp is that the bootylicious diva is furious at how the paparazzi nearly destroyed her wedding day - and she's blaming Kelly and Michelle for tipping them off.

You see, the day before Beyonce and Jay Zs wedding - Kelly and Michelle made a cryptic YouTube video which seemed to confirm rumors that Beyonce and Jay Z were preparing to get married. Kelly took the down after being up for less than 2 hours. But by then it had spread to most mainstream entertainment sites.

We spoke to a person close to Beyonce who claims that she feels betrayed by Kelly. The insider told, "Before Kelly and Michelle made that video - the wedding was just some blog rumor ... But after [the video] there was a media frenzy."

And Beyonce had to take extraordinary measures to avoid the prying eyes of the paparazzi. As was the first to report to you, Beyonce snuck into the reception area in the back of a moving truck. The insider explained, "She was in the back of a truck in her wedding dress, surrounded by bodyguards. That's not how any bride wants to spend her wedding day .... They were caught in traffic for nearly 30 minutes."

The insider continued, "Beyonce hasn't spoken to either [Kelly or Michelle] since the wedding ... I'm sure they'll make up, but trust me they're friendship will never be the same again."



  1. It was obvious a careless mistake on the part of the girls, but I wouldn't bet that it was done maliciously.

    Marcus LANGFORD of

  2. shez got issues!
    am fed up of her...

  3. shez got issues!
    am fed up of her...

  4. i love that pic too.

  5. Beyonce needs to get over herself... It had nothing to do with that... the damn lady they brought flowers from did an interview with Entertainment tonight... if she doesnt want the fame than she should sit her ass down somewhere... otherwise shut the heck up... it comes with the territory... either deal with it or leave the industry

  6. i can understand her wanting her wedding day to be a private day , but she can't be mad at kelly & michelle . it was rumored that she was getting married days before kelly & michelle did that video .


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