Friday, April 25, 2008

Caught in the act!!!

Ashley Simpson has something to rejoice about, Mariah has taken the crown as lip syncer caught in the act.

She was on Good Morning America earlier today to promote her new album and perform tracks from the album. I mean its nothing too deep to lip sync, but dont get caught in the act


  1. She has to have a back track of her vocals playing while she sings live over it. Otherwise, it won't sound like the original song. Some moron played the track wrong! Mariah did fine. She's a true professional. I do wish she hadn't blamed the other singers though.

  2. I think that was pure tackiness to blow the backup singer up like that. Who cares if she was singing her part? She was tryna help yo dry azz out! Just give the people a good performance. Check the ego,Meemz.

  3. I thought it was very bad that MC did that as well.

  4. I think Mariah handled the drama quite well. She kept it moving.


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