Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Check Out Steve Harvey


So i was peeking through Thats Not Hott, and came across Steve Harvey looking abit different, more toned.

It was all part of a campaign he was doing to encourage people to loose weight and become more buff. He is like 51, so ill give him props. But damn, did he have oil himself that much or whatever that stuff is.


  1. am not feeling this, abegi

    wetin? d man no be grandfather? make him leave all this 'am so in love with myself' efforts 2 young bobos dem, boo. which kain wahala b dis? if him die say he dey find 6 packs, wetin him go come tell God.

  2. lmaooo @ free-flowing florida....girl u r sooo funny i tell ya!

  3. ok, steve ain't bad for 51, but i still think he needs to streamline before he starts taking his shirt off...maybe that is just the athlete in me talking.

    Marcus LANGFORD

  4. im about to vommit, lol its not that bad


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