Thursday, April 24, 2008

Danity Kane has Hot Competition

The winners of Cw's show 'Pussycat Dolls Presents: Girlicious' were announced yesterday. The girls are Nicole, Natalie, Chrystina and Tiffany.

Here is the girls debut single "Like me"

What can i say, Its hot, They seems like they could give Danity Kane a run for their money, Even pussycat dolls and any other girl groups out there. They have everything it takes and i think they can do well.

Click Here to check out their Buzz single "Stupid Shit", the video is hot, The song is a bit of a mess though


  1. At least Danity Kane has a cool group name! Girlicious is so cliche and wack beyond anything imaginable.

    Marcus LANGFORD of

  2. I watched the whole show. I think they're diverse and could actually do better than Danity Kane--especially with Geffen behind them. I'm sorry Christina made the group though, I didn't think she was that consistent. Charlie got herself kicked out by not being a team player!

  3. I definitely wanted Charlye over Christina. I have the distinct feeling they'll go away like the girl who was supposed to be the new member of the Pussy Cat Dolls.

  4. I loved the show actually.They could actually have something, but I'm tired of the same ol.We need something new.


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