Tuesday, April 15, 2008

F&F::Mess Of The Moment


1::Mel b spotted coming out the gym, looking like a crack head

2::R.kelly got excited with the Gold spray paint(No more words)

3::Amy Winehouse Babysitting

4::Steve Harvey Oiled head to toe

5::Neyo taking his hat off yet again


  1. ROTFLMFAOOOOOO OMG! OMG! that is soooo funny i swear, like sup with d dude in d 1st pic? shiiiiit! i can tell he has a tiny dick!
    As 4 steve harvey......lol at least his body isn't bad, i would have puked if that was fat joe or rick ross.
    O Neyo neyo, when is he gonna get it?

  2. LMBAO! That Steve Harvey pic is funny as h*ll. I know it was part of a take your shirt off health thing--but that does not take away the comedy.

    The Amy W pic - makes me wonder what she's drinking....

  3. lmao@neyo.. omo that hairline!!! i love that borat picture.. lol... steve harvey... sexy old man... haha

  4. Who in the hell would let Amy Winehouse babysit there child. Traded one habit for another. And Steve Harvey aka Juicy need to put his clothes back on because he look like somebody's grandfather.

  5. whoa! i wasn't ready for steve and his chesticles...well, at least he waxed the taco meat off :-)

  6. Mel B.: Sometimes incontinence happens to good people

    R. Kelly: Ya'll saw what happened to Junebug. It IS possible to "Over Gold"

    Amy W.: the baby says to the camers, "Light-weight"

    steve: Oh, there's just so much. Here's the thing, he's smiling but the look in his eyes says, "Please hurry up and take this picture, I can't hold my breath THIS long."

    Ne-yo: there's nothing sadder than when a woman loses her hair.

  7. My favorite was #1; you got me over here dying at my desk!

  8. Steve Harvey looks so greasy. Like if you went to hug him, he's slip from your grasp.

  9. Awww... Mel B. Why?? Love her though.

    Amy Winehouse babysitting? Thats just wrong!

    Borat needs help. lol..

  10. They are all equally horrible!

  11. neyo has very good music

    he's bringing soul back to R&B

  12. ahahah, it's so funny, I laugh a lot.
    That picture #1 is great.


  13. LMBAO!!!! WTF is Rkelly thinking? These teenagers must be getting to him. Amy Winehouse babysitting? Pure horror!!!! Thanks for voting for MiMi!! Much appreciated.

  14. yeap,he got excited wit gold spray. seriously Amy babysitting?

  15. LMAO @ Ne-Yo taking his hat off. Hilarious.

    LOL @ PCD

  16. NUMBER 1 SHOULD BE AMY WINEHOUSE,which parents did that to their child

  17. LMAO... all too funny... to too funny... especially the amy whinehouse.. who would let her watch their kids...are you serious...

    and I aint one that takes showers at the gym... mine is only 2 blocks from my house anyway... but Mel B... if you gon look like that after leaving... you need to take a shower there


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