Thursday, April 24, 2008

Michelle Williams on Set of "We Break The Dawn"


Check out Michelle Williams on set of her hot new video "We Break The Dawn", I haven't even seen it yet lol.

The video was shot in LA yesterday, This is all very unexpected. I cant wait, this girl is gonna do big things.

Listen to "We Break The Dawn"


  1. ur right, this girl is on fire!!!

  2. Michelle is really breaking out of her shell. Get it, girl!

    *The computer genius strikes again! I love the new layout!!!*

  3. i hope she does well. always pulling for the underdog! she looks good here!

  4. Um, yeah...I don't know what I think about her just yet. Too all over the place for me to decide right now. Kudos to her for doing her thing, though

  5. The layout is hot! Oh Michelle. Am I the only one who just doesn't think she has the "X" factor?

  6. I got to see her in the play..The Color Purple...I thought she did great !!!


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