Tuesday, April 01, 2008

NEW MUSIC-Beyonce and Mariah Carey

Its all about the new music today. Check out a preveiw of a confirmed Mariah Carey new single Titled "Bye Bye". A ballad, smart choice.

Listen to Mariah Carey-Bye Bye

Check out this snippet of another new Beyonce track, tittled "Kick em Out". I like this one alot. Especially when she breaks into "you got me.....something catching my eyes" that was hot.

Listen to Beyonce-Kick em Out


  1. Will def be looking out for this one...any Mariah collaboration with women turn out nice...by that I mean the one song I know...

    The sound track od Prince of egypt...

  2. Loving the Bey song. I have the hugest girl crush on Beyonce.

  3. I'm not a big fan of Beyonce, but I like this song... And I like "Beautiful Nightmare"


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