Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stacy Dash Covers King Magazine

you are fourthy what?

Stacy Dash Covers the latest Issue of King Magazine. I'm still getting over the fact that she is 42. 42 and looking this good, its unbelievable. Shes older than my mum.


  1. This chick NEVER ages! I'm jealous. Gorgeous

  2. she has always looked the same. Even in clueless where she played a 16yr old, she was already in her 30s! I dont like the picture tho:-(

  3. How old is your mom?

    She is ageless, I guess she got all the black don't crack gene.

    I agree, it's time for her to market her looks in a more mature manner.

  4. Stacy is like a fine wine, she gets better with age!

  5. Wow! I cant believe she is 42... That's amazing! I always thought she was like 28 r 30!

  6. Wow! She def. looks hot for a 42yr old. I'm so jealous :p


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