Friday, April 25, 2008

What a MESS!!


You guys remember Sarah from Making the band, when they made the rap group "Da Band" she was the only singer.

She has only gone and had plastic surgery.

I love it, but I think her husband made her do it though.

And speaking of hot mess, Music video chick Angel Lola Luv, hit up Terrance J’s bday party yesterday.

This girls ass really puts me off, I dont know how anyone can find that mess sexy.
Shes regret that ish when shes about 50 and all the silicone start hanging down south lol


  1. Sarah can't be serious with those titantic implants. Lord knows we don't want/need another CoCo (Ice T's wife) running around!

  2. Sarah should have left everything alone. She just looks old and blown up now..
    oh well
    Product Junkie Diva

  3. yeah ummm no comment on sara but lolas ass perplexes me.....if it is fake, then why she wanna do that to herself, and if it is real what the hell happened.....i just don't get it, why she wanna drag that round, how hard is it to keep it clean?????

  4. ^^^^^ "How hard is it to keep it clean?????"

    ROTFL...for the rest of the weekend!!!!!!!

  5. Don't think spendin' the last of your Da Band EBT card on implants was the biz, Sar'.

    Why is her hubby in ERRR'y pic like HE was signed, too? LiteBrite need a job!

  6. Hot mess indeed. I can't believe Sarah ugh! Wasn't she all holier than thou on making the band. And what the heck happen to da band, I mean I don't miss them because they sucked! but what happen to them


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