Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is RayJ Still Hitting That?


RayJ and Whitney Out 2 nights ago.

RayJ and Whitney Out last Year.

Check out RayJ and Whitney Houston were spotted together about 2 nights ago, If you didn't know, they were pictures of them flying around the internet last year together, they were rumored to be dating.

I dont understand their relationship if they are dating, I mean why him.


  1. i don't understand the relationship on either end...whitney is a crackhead who used to be married to bobby brown for Christ sake!!!...did ray j forget how her ghetto ass used to carry on on tv about her 'boo'?...well, i guess ray j is right up there in ghetto fab too...they are both fact, they might be a good match...

  2. Ray J claims that they are just really good friends! lol, so i guess that makes more sense than the fact that they would be dating

  3. No one has ever understood why Whitney picks the guys that she does... that's why I just stopped trying

  4. i read the ray j whitney rumour and left it as a rumour.


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