Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Janet Jackson Tour Promo


Check out a brand new promo fro the forthcoming 'Rock Witchu' tour. This set to start September 11th. This is her first tour is 7 years, so its something special. The tickets go on sale on June 7th. I have no doubt she would'nt disappoint, because shes a great entertainer.

That being said, If she comes to your city, will you go and see her?


  1. If its free i will

  2. did u mean u were sure she will or will not disspoint!!LOL

  3. she would never come here :(!!!

  4. Trust me... you haven't been to a concert until you have seen Janet. Don't sleep and miss the opportunity of a lifetime to see the world's greatest performer. Her show is SMOKING HOT!! If she comes to Charlotte I'm there, but if she doesn't I'm goin to ATL or NY, or LA if I have to... but I will be THERE!



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