Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kelly Rowland 'Work' Live Performance

Kelly Rowland performed her hit song 'Work' Le Grand Journal France, yesterday. Her new album, 'Ms. Kelly: Deluxe' is out in Europe on May 12th.

I wish her luck


  1. na wa o. it took forever for this comment page to open.

    anyhow. me like kelly and wish her plenty luck too. in as much as i like Beyonce and respect her talent, i really think kelly needs to remove herself from the Knowles circle if she wants her career to hit of. the 'work' is nice, but the video is too Beyonce like.

  2. Kelly better "work"- great performance

  3. Kelly looks gorgeous! I love "Work" & I especially like this Freemason remix of it!

  4. u betta work my girl, u had better

    love it, she looks amazing too


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