Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Mariah Covers Vibe & "Bye Bye" Video Premiere

Mariah Carey is on the June 2008 issue of Vibe Magazine. You can pick up a copy newsstands Today.
She looks Great. That cover on the other hand looks like it had been tucked in, a few places

Also Check out the Video Premeire for her new Single "Bye-Bye", this is teh video that startedf all the rumours between herself and Nick Cannon, Im off that topic anyway,so enjoy.

The video was directed by her rumored to be husband Nick Cannon, who also played as Mariah's lover on the video.

Mariah has also planned to make a sequel for the "Bye Bye" music video, which will be her next single "Love Story". Report also said that the shooting for the next video has already been started.


  1. Could they airbrush her even more on the cover, holy gees

  2. as if the promo pics for e=mc2 weren't airbrushed enough

  3. I think the song is ridiculous! Is it suppose to be "One Sweet Day" with a Bone Thugs N Harmony feel? I won't even speak on the Nick Cannon thing!

  4. the famous nick cannon didnt even appear in the video like that

  5. she is such a showoff.im sick of seeing her face she's so fake and needs to get a life.

  6. NICK PLEASE DO SOMETHING SO SHE COULD STOP SPREDING HER FAKENESS AROUND oh and stop it already with the airbrushing its so obious da. you wana be poster girl......

  7. hmmm...what you guys mean christina milian think about that???i know she is together with dre but... i don´t know...CRAZY THING!


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