Friday, May 09, 2008

Music News::Donnie J, Chris Brown, Tiffany Evans

Check out some new material from making the bands Donnie J. The track is tittled "Doctor Love".

I remember when they showed this track on the show, I liked it since then, I like the whole vibe behind the song, His music has a pop rnb sound to it, I think if they give him more songs like this, the album will do really well.

Im definatly feeling this more than the first single “Take you there”. His album is set for a summer release.

Listen To Donnie J-Doctor Love

Tiffany Evans debut album shifted a discomforing 4, 700 copies in its first week, 4, 700 copies, shes now #134 on the Billboard 200. Thts a damn shame, wasted talent, lack of propmotion, the industry is not like it use to be.

Check out the Album cover for RE-RELEASE of chris Browns album "Exclusive:THE FOREVER EDITION". I Saw it on a site and thought it was fake, but it’s real. Their budget was so tight that they couldn’t do another shoot for the cover. A mess


  1. im feeling donnies track too, really nice

    why did tey chris brown cheap, another cover would have been good

  2. chris Brown has got some Michael jackson moves going on here...

  3. Damn... I didnt even know Tiffany's album came out... where was the promotion.. she has a great voice... i'm gonna go out and support... but damn... the label really didnt let us know the album was out so how can she succeed... she should have been all over 106&park...

  4. Who tha heck is the Tiffany chick!? And Chris obviously didn't sell too many records if he is re-releasing his last album. R&B music today just sucks!!!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  5. i love donnie klang ""


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