Sunday, May 04, 2008

Nicole Scherzinger Sings National Anthem

Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls sung the National Anthem of United States at the DE LA HOYA Vs. FORBES: HOMECOMING Boxing Match.I loved the rendition, it was nice and simple, she did a good job.


  1. Amazing Rendition. Trust me when I say this, that this performance has opened up doors for Nicole, to sing at future Sporting Events. World Series, anyone? Mann that was something. Even the announcers were awed at the performance.

    Anyways, respexx for uploading this vid, but I didn't like the blog roll embedding. As well, technically, it was the DE LA HOYA Vs. FORBES: HOMECOMING Boxing Match. A tuneup fight, for De La Hoya Mayweather II.

  2. I agree with you fresh,Amazing Rendition. I dont like it when the celebs try and over sing it, do all the extras and it just sounds a mess

    but i like the way she did it, nice and simple. it showed off her voice really well.

    @Tito Toronto::i tut the blog roll embedding was good, you gotta promote the site...dont hate

  3. Why is she whispering? Is the national anthem suddenly a secret?


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