Friday, May 23, 2008

Old School Friday::[Best guitar/Bass Solo]

Todays OSF theme is Best guitar/Bass Solo, I had a difficult time with this one, a really difficult time. I haven't really listened to a song and highlighted the guitar or bass solo. Sue me. lol.

So I checked out a lot of OSF'er to try and see if anyone was as lost as me, but everyone seems to be getting on with it.

Enough babbling, here it is. Micheal Jacksons-Black or White...Im sure it can qualify.

Also check out other OSF'ers:

Mrs Grapevine

Yay it's Friday
[{Have a fresh and fab Weekend}]


  1. i love this song...Michael is the only person to use a guitar that i can think of

  2. Yes it can qualify, it definitely qualifies. It was hard for me all I could think of was rock or blues. I just remembered someone, how could I not think of B.B. King.

  3. Great choice. This song sure qualifies. Have a great weekend. I finally was able to post.

    Thanks for sending me warm words; I hope to feel better soon.

  4. Forget the guitar solo content-it's Michael and this song is great! And the, this is when video concept were something to marvel over. Great vid pick FnF!

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  5. That guitar solo is done by a renowned rocker who goes by the name of Slash. So yes, this definetely qualifies! Good choice! SjP

  6. This is a great choice. I haven't heard this song n years and had forgotten about the great guitar work in it.

    Happy Old School Friday!!


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