Friday, May 16, 2008

Old School Friday::[Remakes]

Todays OSF theme is Remakes, i had a hard time with this one, I was thinking Jackson5 "Ill be There", then i was thinking "I will always love you". But anyhoo, found it.

Like a Prayer was first done by Madonna, from her 4th album "Like a Prayer"which was released on February 28, 1989

It was later covered by Mad'House in 2002, They did an amazing job. I loved their version more

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Dang, The week went so fast
[[Have a fantastic Weekend]]


  1. I had family issues, but I'm back. I'll be around and checking you out.

    This is one of the best Madonna songs. I remember the controversy when she had Leon as black Jesus. People were outraged that she was freaking Jesus.

  2. I'd never heard of this group before, but i do like this version of "Like a Prayer"

  3. Great choices... I did Alicia Keyes and Brenda Holloway "Every Little Bit Hurts" hope you get a chance to drop by. SjP

  4. I like Madonna's version better. The gospel choir adds so much flavor to the song.

    *LOL at the glowing, singing angel in the Mad House video!*

  5. I love Madonna! Great Choice! Thanks for checking me out! I can't wait for my summer break, so I can visit more sites! Have a Great Weekend!

  6. I gave up on Madonna a long time ago, but this was one of the songs that I loved...

  7. I never heard of the group. I remember all the hoopla when this song came out.

  8. I have never heard of the group either, but I like Madonna's version.

  9. Man, the bar for "controversial" has been raised sky high hasn't it? I remember all the drama around this video, back when they used to launch new videos on prime time free tv. Wouldn't even cause a ripple now.

    Good choice, I like the remix as well.

  10. i have never heard of that group too, but they are really good, i liked the angel guy singin, he is really good


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