Saturday, May 10, 2008

Out and About With:

Newly weds Mr and Mrs Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey were spotted leaving Waverly Inn restaurant last night. Look how glowing she looks, is this how marriage is? Shes not even waring her signature clothing, (Short and tight mini dress). I wish them well. Nick Cannon has never got this type of publicity in his life.

The beautiful Kelly Rowland was spotted BBC2 Music Show "Sound". Stunning, I love her get-up

Ashanti was spotted Leaving MTV studios for MTV's Upfront Presentation and then with her boyfriend Nelly a private dinner. Ashanti has been looking a millions dollars lately, I like

Mary J Bligde was spotted on the Today Show this morning. Damn she looks good.

Oh Amy, she was spotted looking a wreck as she was being held up in a motorway crash on her way back to London. Amy Amy Amy, wouldn't you have just looked through the window, not Amy


  1. I was surprised when I knew about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey wed.
    But I think she looks better... you're right.
    Ashanti looks great.
    Well we have to expect anything of Amy...


  2. Awww! Kelly looks so cute!! And so does Ashanti!!!

    As for Miss Winehouse, I'm short of words.

  3. Amy Winehouse always has the most entertaining photos...but is this 'look' in purpose?!?!

  4. I like kelly's dress, amy winehouse seriously needs to be put in rehad, and mary j's hair looks amazing love it

  5. ddnt know nelly is dating ashanti. hmmm

    yeah, mariah does seem 2 glow. but i have serious doubts abt that union.

    u liked kelly's dress?! hmmm

    mary j. can never look pretty n my eyes, don't know y

    amy is a freaking mess. someone shouls lock dat chick up 4 her own sake

  6. amy needs a kick in her emaciated ass...what is wrong with her?

  7. Amy is just a disaster. Seriously.

  8. I'm really tired of Amy for real!


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