Thursday, May 22, 2008

Out and About With:

Christina Milian was spotted at the Maxims 2008 Hot 100 Party last night.

She was also spotted at the 56th Annual BMI Pop Awards in Beverly Hills 2 nights ago

Paula Abdul was spotted at the American Idol Season 7 Grand Finale show last night, Paula mistook it for the Grammys, But looked good anyhow.

Peep Jordin Sparks, Before the show, on the red carpet and after the show, in the press room

Fantasia also hit up the event, with her boyfriend Young Dro, Alot of people might disagree but I think she looks quite hot, red hot, lol.

Madonna and her Husband Guy Ritchie were spotted at the "I Am Because We Are" premiere during the 61st International Cannes Film Festival yesterday.It had to be her, i haven't seen not 1 person look a mess since the festival started.

Actress Elise Neil hit up the Maxim's 2008 Hot 100 Party at Paramount Studios in LA last night.

Amerie also hit up the event, Loving he new look.

The Pussycat Dolls were there too.

And Yall know Nicole had to get her single shot.

Megan Good was also at the Maxim's 2008 Hot 100 Party. She was meatier the last time I saw her.

A million more pics when you Continue Reading.


  1. i love the colors and Madonna is stunning too!

    a kiss!!!

  2. OK... so why has Christina Milian been hands down out shining bitches on the redcarpet for the past couple months and she aint even A-list anymore

  3. 1. as i scroll through your page,all i've kept saying is wow...and more wow. i really love what you did with you a lot nicer.

    2. 'sup?

    3. missed you!

    4. i don't even know why the hell i'm itemizing. just saying hi sha!i'm still going through your page cos i'm really backward as to what's going on in showbiz and the like.later

  4. Everyone looks great, but Christina looks terrific! Go 'head girl.

  5. the green earrings look tacky on christina millan

    i love Nicole's eyes...smoky!

  6. Fantasia looks hot joo. Bye haters...:)

    How've u bin Freshie? Haven't had the internets for a while, but I'll update soon.

  7. 1.Christina Milian looks pretty.

    2.Paula Abdul looks nice.

    3.Jordin Sparks' first dress is o.k., but I'm not feeling the shiny, gold one. At all.

    4.Fantasia's outfit is cute, but the hair is clownish.

    5.Madonna's dress looks kind of funny. The top of the dress looks o.k., but the bottom of the dress looks old ladyish.

    6.Elise Neal looks beautiful.

    7.I don't like Amerie's hair.

    8.The PCD looks their usual, but it's funny that Nicole wore electric blue while the other gals went with black.

    9.Megan Goode looks like she's going back to the farm to milk the cows after party. That outfit is a big "No ma'am."

  8. Fantasia! Why? lol Christina was looking hot at the Maxim party!

  9. for a split second i thot elise neal was macy gray!!lol!!!

    what will we do with aunty fantasia..she always looks like she's been run over by a truck!!

  10. ahahah, you're right Fantasia looks red hot ;)

    I don't like Madonna's dress. Her hair reminds me one of the Olsens, I think Mary Kate...


  11. I absolutely love this bright blue colour and Madonna looks stunning!

  12. am bored with madona right now.


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