Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beyonce Confirms Marraige


Beyonce finally speaks about her marraige (Well sort off).

She says, "I don't deny it (the wedding). I just don't talk about it. We've never talked about us and it's kind of protected our relationship. I think it's kept us out of tabloid drama...A lot of actresses that have had successful relationships don't talk about them, so neither do I." [Source]

And I dont blame her. Also word is that, Herself and husband JayZ are going to be upcoming guests on the Oprah show... Well if they are gonna talk about the marraige, Oprah's the best place to do it.


  1. Oprah eh?..well i don't blame em

  2. love for them!!!beyonce is super hot!!

  3. i think they wont talk now, but after a little time...they will :)

    a kiss
    best wishes for them!
    they make a nice couple!

  4. Hey F&F, I'm back from vacay!

    Well, if they're going on Oprah, O is not going to let them act like they are just friends.

  5. we all knew anyway

    good for them

  6. I'd have to say that their "protecting their relationship" has caused as much if not the same amount of drama than just puttin' the business out there.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  7. I love them as a couple, and I hope they don't go on Oprah to discuss anything.

  8. i mean, everybody who breaths knows they r married!!!!! admitting dat doesn't mean d public is now n their home! 4 crying out loud, J.Lo has kept d public out of her marriage (after a very very bitter lesson, but thank God 4 her), but u don't see her pretending not 2 b married!

  9. Well, I think they don't need to talk too much about it, they're protecting themselfs.
    I also I don't blame them.


  10. Love for them! Hope they will be happy))) Thanks for stopping by.


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