Monday, June 30, 2008

Amy Winehouse v. Kanye West??

In the above video, is live audio from the Glastenbury Festival which I posted about last night, During Amy Winehouses set, she adlibbed "I Will Never Open for C*nt Like Kanye". I've never heard him say anything negative about her, but he responded to her comment in the video, "THIS JUST IN... AMY WHINEHOUSE HATES ME!!! NOW I'VE REALLY MADE IT!!! LOL!!!!" as the subject to a blog on his blog.

In related news, Amy also punched a fan in the face for making comments about her locked up husband, Blake who she got booed for adlibbing about, lol! Drama Drama Drama... I guess these are amongst the HIGHights of the show!


  1. Wino is the worst. Why go at KAnye (and yes he can act like a C$%T) but he didn't say a word about you. And you have way more things for people to talk about. Not a good look Wino not at all.

  2. LMBAO! She's such a loser. I liked Back to Black, but she is a crackhead, has made racial remarks and now is starting a fight she really can't win. Joker!

    And Kanye is a nut, but why even come at him if he hasn't said anything about you.

  3. I saw Amy punching a fan on the news. Amy has no right to say anything bad about anyone else. Who wants to open for her crack tour?

  4. whoever she punch must has deserved it, she wouldnt just kick off like that

    and the comment iabout kanye was a bit childish, if she didnt like him, she didnt have to put it out ther elike that

    im not saying that kanye is a c*nt, but she should have..oh well

  5. and to add

    i atcually watched her entire set, which was not half bad, she sounded really good...

    but the rehab performance was by far the worst

  6. I can't even lie when I first saw this video I was cracking up. This chick is crazy ass hell, I can't believe the guy who she swung on isn't pressing charges or trying to sue.

    I just posted the story on my site

  7. fcuking retarded coked-out bitch calling someone a c*nt!!!! (jeez, did i say dat!)

  8. She punched them and ran! What a puss. Well..she is kinda fragal, so...! Yeah!


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