Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Billboard News: Ashanti Sells 86,000 / Lil' Wayne Projected to Sell 850,000 - 950,000

While the official charts aren't released until tomorrow, it has been stated that Ashanti will debut at number since, selling only 86,000 albums. Six thousand more than previously projected, so congrats to her, I think!

While in major news, Lil' Waynes CD was released yesterday and he is already certified gold isn't that amazing?? Lol... Gold in one day, he's set to be the biggest debut for a Rap Artist this year. He's projected to push no less than 850,000 albums. With the 400,000 sold on first days release, he's already secured the number one spot on the Hot 200.

It's all about Lil Wayne this week as The Billboard 200 prepares for the arrival of "Tha Carter III." The rapper's new Cash Money/Universal album will easily bow at No. 1 next week, as it leads Nielsen SoundScan's Building Chart, to be released this afternoon (June 11) at 5 p.m. ET.

Unweighted first-day sales of "Tha Carter III" at nine leading accounts through the close of business yesterday (June 10), stood at 423,000. Sources close to the album project "Carter" could shift between 850,000-950,000 in its first full week. That would easily give Wayne the biggest sales week of the year, and the best since Kanye West's "Graduation" started with 957,000 last year.

Check back later tonight, or early tomorrow for full chart report on Lil' Wayne, and the official rankings for this week. Be sure to pick up Tha Carter III!

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  1. Its Sophie Bitch!11 June 2008 at 14:48

    i can not be any happier right now! he so deserves it and im sooooo proud of thee love of my life!! lol =]
    p.s. sophie loves akeem!

  2. 86,000!!!...OUCH. BUT the carter is doing the thing!

  3. Poor poor Ashanti, she may want to pursue acting full time now.

    How many albums does he have to his credit? Or how many songs...

  4. Lil Wayne is making big moves. The Ny Times did an interesting story on him yesterday.

  5. @ Mrs. Grapvine, he was on 106 & Park Monday and they stated that in total with his mixtapes and guest appearance in the last year he has did over 1000 verses... equaling to atleast 400 or more songs.

  6. That's good for Ms. Douglas with her cute self. However, I haven't been a fan of Weezie since 2001's "Lights Out". Since then, I have liked a song here or there by him, but still not enough to make me wanna go out and get his work. In general, I have lost a taste for today's hip-hop; it's just something really disappointing about it.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::

  7. Wow Ashanti! I am glad that everything is fine.

    Hugs from Angel.

  8. by the looks of things ashanti will be working all her life, b4 she reaches platnuim


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