Monday, June 23, 2008

Lil Mama::Label Did'nt Promote My Record Properly//Video Premiere

In an exclusive interview with, Lil’ Mama revealed that she is “very disappointed” with the promotion of her first album, VYP: Voice of the Young People, which debuted at No. 25 on The Billboard 200 selling 19,000 copies its first week.

“I’m very disappointed in my label, Jive Records, for not promoting my record properly. I’m not a rapper first and foremost. I’m the birth of hip-pop. I’m an innovator and everything that I do is fresh. When you have something so new and fresh in your hands, you’re supposed to know what to do with it. By signing with a label, I signed knowing that everyone was on the same page as me and understanding what was going on. But that wasn’t what I thought it was.”

I have to say, The album should have done better than it did, But still, shes a new artist, and if she is truly the "birth of hip-pop" as she claims, she will do better with her next album. Sucess takes time.

Did anyone pick up her album, Thought it was any good?

In other Lil Mama news, Check out her brand new video "I'm What it is" featuring T-pain. Nice song,Cute Vid


  1. I have to agree with her the label dropped the ball big time, a lot of times an artist will blame the label for not having a good showing but she had a buzz going for her but no one knew about the album. Im in Atlanta and no one mentioned her name, not one interview, nothing. It's a ahme since she is defintiely one of the more talented ladies on the mic.

  2. I must admit, she is right )))

  3. she is wack, what if the album wasnt that great and the label promoted her right..what if she is not as hot as she thinks she is, what if she was destined to flop with or without good promotion

  4. I still say she's wrong...they put soo much money into videos for this album...she need to "sat down" lol

  5. Its Sophie Bitch!24 June 2008 at 13:26

    omg boy you have nothing better to do with your time but to knock another person huh??
    Go fall off a cliff...damn you sad.
    alot of people are sleepin on lil all honestly she is good at what she does and i commend her 4 that

  6. She could be right, but she kind of wack to me


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