Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Fundraising Dinner

A soiree of A-LIST stars came out in full force wednesday afternoon, to attend Nelson Mandela’s birthday fundraising dinner in Hyde Park, London.

The former South African president 90th birthday bash concert will take place this weekend.

Stars who attended the dinner included Denzel Washington, Oprah Winphrey, Will & Jada,Leona Lewis, Nicole Scherzinger, Pierce brosnan and many more.


  1. looks fun! ^^

    btw, i just wanna bang my head on the wall due to lots of things today. lol.

  2. yaaay good for Mandela, dat guy was my hero 4 a very long time, n he still is nwayz lollll, tho' i still wonder wat went wrong wit Winnie??
    May God grant him more years-AMEN

    BTW, swerry i ve updated n i got a job 4 u o, oya follow me

  3. I always admired Mandela.
    Seems a beautiful party.
    Cool post with such pictures :)


  4. Naomi is such a nut, that outfit is so inappropriate for the event


  5. yes, where is Winnie? she may not be d saint we all tot she was, still she fought 4 her husband's freedom. she deserves a little recognition dan she's getting. all d world know abt grace! everyone has forgotten abt winnie! real sad. i'd hate it if all i laboured 4, wen it was now time 2 reap d fruits, another woman comes in & am tossed aside n d bin

  6. Leona looks really pretty and is that Hamilton guy dating that Pussycat doll? lol

    But happy birthday to Mr. Mandela!! We share the same sign how awesome!

  7. He is a legend, i am happy the world has someone like him to try to improve this world...

    a kiss,
    amazing post!

  8. Mandela is truly a great man.

  9. What a worthy celebration!

  10. Robert DeNiro has a black wife and Forest Whitaker has a fine wife...what's really good!? LOL!

    Seriously...congrats to Mandela for his 90th year of existence.

    :::Marcus LANGFORD:::


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