Saturday, June 14, 2008

NEW VIDEO::Pussycat Dolls-When I Grow Up

Check out the new video from the Pussydcat Dolls Titled "When i Grow Up". Taken from their new album "Doll Domination" out September 18th.

Its a nice video, I guess.


  1. I love the PCD! I also like their videos because they're so splashy. I don't care for the song too much, but J'adore the "Famous" ring Nicole is wearing!

  2. I like Kimberly!

  3. wow. wow. and another wow. i love PCD. cool. =]

  4. its not showing!!

    but i love u still!!

    will u marry my sister!!?!?! shes going to be 18 in august??

  5. i can see her breast! do i, or anyone else 4 dat matter, need 2 b given a nearly full visuals of her breast?????


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